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What does it mean to ‘Jailbreak’ the human being

Jailbreaking is a term most often used when referring to restrictions placed on media devices such as iPhones and iPods but never human beings. In human beings jailbreaking is called moksha. Upanishadic wisdom has been jailbreaking the human being for countless generations. For thousands of years the upanishads have been helping human beings jailbreak the timeless secret of yoga hidden inside us. In the tradition this is called moksha. This hasn’t changed In the 21st century.

Life is not a terrorist. Life doesn’t want to kidnap you and lock you up making you prisoner, hostage to a belief or practice. Being alive already it’s our duty to enjoy the limitless universal freedom that jailbreaking – moksha brings. Whether it’s beliefs or lack of belief that creates conflict and uncertainty in our lives- where all belief systems and religion collide is moksha. Not ‘a belief’ but the end of all beliefs, freedom, liberation – moksha is all there is – the only Reality.  

At the Yellow Church Yoga and Natural Health Centre in Mullumbimby on June 24 and 25, 2017 John Weddepohl will be unlocking the universal wisdom of the upanishads deconstructing yoga through the teachings of  परा विद्या Para Vidya. 

A course in Self Knowledge is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Spaces are limited so please make sure your seat is booked in advance. 

Find out more about John and the teachings of इष्टम् ISHTAM

Location, Costs and Schedule for our Self Knowledge Immersion

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June 24 & 25, 2017

where: Yellow Church Yoga and Natural Health Centre, 9 Myocum St, Mullumbimby, NSW

format:  Saturday 1.00-5.00 pm & Sunday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

each day will include our signature Ishta Mala sequence

cost: Early bird $180/ $200



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